Portugal vs Switzerland Head to Head Record

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Portugal and Switzerland are two very known footballing nations of the FIFA World Cup.

Below I have provided a table with Portugal vs Switzerland Head to Head Record in one-legged matches, full internationals, and friendlies.

Portugal and Switzerland have played a total of 25 matches. Portugal has won 9 matches, and Switzerland has won 11. There have been 5 draws.

This table compares the predictions of football experts against the reality

Portugal vs Switzerland Head to Head Record

Portugal vs Switzerland Head to Head Record
Match Date Played TeamWiner
May 1, 1938Portugal 1-2 Switzerland (World Cup)Switzerland
November 6, 1938Switzerland 1-0 Portugal (International friendly)Switzerland
February 12, 1939Portugal 2-4 Switzerland (International friendly)Switzerland
January 1, 1942Portugal 3-0 Switzerland (International friendly)Portugal
May 21, 1945Switzerland 1-0 Portugal (International friendly)Switzerland
January 5, 1947Portugal 2-2 Switzerland (International friendly)Match Draw
May 16, 1959Switzerland 4-3 Portugal (International friendly)Switzerland
April 29, 1964Switzerland 2-3 Portugal (International friendly)Portugal
April 16, 1969Portugal 0-2 Switzerland (World Cup)Switzerland
November 2, 1969Switzerland 1-1 Portugal (World Cup)Match Draw
November 13, 1974Switzerland 3-0 Portugal (International friendly)Switzerland
March 30, 1977Portugal 1-0 Switzerland (International friendly)Portugal
March 24, 1982Switzerland 2-1 Portugal (International friendly)Switzerland
October 29, 1986Switzerland 1-1 Portugal (European Championship)Match Draw
November 11, 1987Portugal 0-0 Switzerland (European Championship)Match Draw
April 26, 1989Portugal 3-1 Switzerland (World Cup)Portugal
September 20, 1989Switzerland 1-2 Portugal (World Cup)Portugal
March 31, 1993Switzerland 1-1 Portugal (World Cup)Match Draw
October 13, 1993Portugal 1-0 Switzerland (World Cup)Portugal
June 15, 2008Switzerland 2-0 Portugal (European Championship)Switzerland
September 6, 2016Switzerland 2-0 Portugal (World Cup)Switzerland
October 10, 2017Portugal 2-0 Switzerland (World Cup)Portugal
June 5, 2019Portugal 3-1 Switzerland (Nations League)Portugal
June 5, 2022Portugal 4-0 Switzerland (Nations League)Portugal
June 12, 2022Switzerland 1-0 Portugal (Nations League)Switzerland

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