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13 Best Label Maker for Electricians buying guide in 2023

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Today In this article we’ll take a look at the 13 best label maker for electricians. As an electrician you know the importance of labeling your tools and equipment. It can save your time and increase efficiency on the job site. However, handwriting labels can be time consuming and difficult to read. That’s where label makers come in.

What to Consider When Choosing a Label Maker

Before we dive into the top 13 label makers for electricians, let’s take a look at what you should consider when choosing a label maker in 2023

Type of Labels

The first thing to consider is the type of labels you’ll need. Do you need labels that are weather-resistant? Will you be labeling cables or wires? Do you need to print barcodes? Make sure the label maker you choose can accommodate your labeling needs.

Size of Labels

The size of labels you’ll need. Will you be labeling small tools or large equipment? Make sure the label maker can print the size labels you need.


Some label makers can connect to your computer or smartphone, which can make it easier to create labels. Consider whether this is a feature you need.


Label makers can range in price from less than $50 to $100 dollars. Consider your budget and how often you’ll be using the label maker when choosing one.

Best Label Maker Comparison Table

Label MakerWidthConnectivityPrice
Brother P-Touch PT-D60024mmUSB$99.99
Brady BMP21-PLUS3/4″None$99.00
Dymo Rhino 520019mmNone$139.99
Epson LabelWorks LW-40018mmNone$79.99
Brother P-Touch PT-E30018mmNone$129.99
Dymo LabelManager 28012mmBluetooth$39.99
Brady BMP712″None$599.99
Brother P-Touch PT-H11012mmNone$29.99
Dymo LetraTag LT-100H12mmNone$29.99
Epson LabelWorks LW-30012mmNone$49.99
Brother P-Touch PT-M9512mmNone$24.99
Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo2.3″ USB$129.99
Brady BMP61 2″None$775.00

Top 13 Best Label Makers for Electricians

Now that you know what to consider when choosing a label maker, let’s take a look at the top 13 best label maker for electricians.

Brother P-Touch PT-D600 Review

Say goodbye to manual labeling that takes up valuable time and effort. The Brother P-Touch PT-D600 offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to create professional-looking labels with ease. Its intuitive interface and full color digital display make it a breeze to design and preview labels before printing. Choose from a variety of fonts, symbols, frames, and styles to personalize your labels and give them a touch of professionalism.

Brother P-Touch PT-D600 Review

The Brother P-Touch PT-D600 is a versatile label maker that can print labels up to 24mm wide. It has a color LCD display and can connect to your computer or smartphone via USB. It also has fast print speed and automatic tape cutter enable you to create labels quickly and efficiently, saving you valuable minutes in your busy day.

Brady BMP21-PLUS

The Brady BMP21-PLUS is here to revolutionize your labeling experience. This portable label printer is designed to simplify your life and provide you with the efficiency and convenience you need, whether you’re in the office, on a job site, or at home.

Best Label Makers 2023

The Brady BMP21-PLUS is a rugged label maker that is designed for tough jobs. It can print labels up to 3/4″ wide and can print on self-laminating wire markers. It also has a built-in label grabber and can print labels that are serialized or barcoded.

Dymo Rhino 5200

The Dymo Rhino 5200 is a robust and versatile label maker designed specifically for professionals. Its durable construction and ergonomic design make it suitable for use in demanding environments. The device features a full QWERTY keyboard, a backlit display, and intuitive navigation buttons, allowing for easy and quick label creation.

Dymo Rhino 5200

The Dymo Rhino 5200 is a label maker that is designed for use in industrial settings. It can print labels up to 19mm wide and can print on heat-shrink tubing. It also has a library of pre-programmed industry symbols and can print barcodes.

Epson LabelWorks LW-400

Labels are more than just adhesive strips with text; they are powerful organizational tools. By using clear, informative labels, individuals and businesses can enhance productivity, reduce errors, and create a more streamlined work environment. The Epson LabelWorks LW-40 takes labeling to the next level, offering a wide array of features that enable users to create professional and eye-catching labels.

Epson LabelWorks LW-400

The Epson LabelWorks LW-400 is a compact label maker that can print labels up to 18mm wide. It has a built-in QWERTY keyboard and can print on a variety of tape types, including glow-in-the-dark tape.

Brother P-Touch PT-E300

Make your labeling tasks a breeze with the Brother P-Touch PT-E300. Designed for professionals who value efficiency and precision, this advanced label maker offers a comprehensive range of features to meet all your labeling needs. Whether you’re organizing files, labeling equipment, or creating signage, the PT-E300 empowers you to achieve professional results in a fraction of the time.

With its high-quality thermal printing technology, the PT-E300 ensures sharp, clear, and durable labels that are resistant to water, chemicals, and fading. You can confidently use these labels in various environments, including offices, warehouses, classrooms, and more. The intuitive keyboard layout and backlit display make label creation quick and effortless, even in low-light conditions. Say goodbye to messy handwriting and hello to sleek, professional labels that elevate your organization’s image.

Brother P-Touch PT-E300

Experience the power of efficiency and organization with the Brother P-Touch PT-E300. In today’s fast-paced world, every second counts, and the PT-E300 helps you make the most of your time. Its fast printing speed ensures that you can create labels quickly, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. The automatic label cutter saves you the hassle of manually cutting labels, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Dymo LabelManager 280

Simplify your labeling tasks with the Dymo LabelManager 280. Personalize and organize with ease using its customization options and user-friendly interface. Experience efficiency and durability in label making.

Dymo LabelManager 280

The Dymo LabelManager 280 features a full QWERTY keyboard that allows for quick and accurate typing. Say goodbye to tedious manual labeling and hello to professional-looking labels that enhance your productivity. The compact design and lightweight construction make it a portable solution that can be carried anywhere, ensuring that labeling tasks are always within reach.

Brady BMP71

Simplify your labeling tasks with the Brady BMP71 label printer. Experience precision, versatility, and efficiency in professional labeling. Choose from a wide range of label materials and colors for durable markings

Brady BMP71

The Brady BMP71 is a label maker that is designed for use in industrial settings. It can print labels up to 2″ wide and can print on a variety of tape types, including self-laminating wire markers and heat-shrink tubing. It also has a built-in label grabber and can print barcodes.

The BMP71 also offers seamless connectivity options, allowing you to import data directly from your computer or mobile device. Whether you need to import data from spreadsheets, databases, or custom label templates, the BMP71 simplifies the label creation process, eliminating manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. With its USB and Bluetooth capabilities, you can effortlessly connect and print labels from various devices, making on-the-go labeling a reality.

Brother P-Touch PT-H110

Bring organization to your home and office with the Brother P-Touch PT-H110 label maker. Customize and personalize your labels with ease while enjoying efficiency and durability. Create professional-looking labels effortlessly.

Brother P-Touch PT-H110

The PT-H110 is designed to simplify your labeling process and save you time. It offers convenient features such as an auto-cutter that precisely trims your labels after printing, eliminating the need for manual cutting. Additionally, it allows you to save your frequently used label designs for quick and easy access, streamlining repetitive labeling tasks. With its long-lasting battery life, you can label on the go without worrying about running out of power.

Dymo LetraTag LT-100H

Simplify your everyday labeling tasks with the Dymo LetraTag LT-100H label maker. Get creative and customize your labels while enjoying the convenience of its user-friendly interface. The LetraTag LT-100H offers versatile labeling options to suit various applications, allowing you to organize your home, office, or personal belongings with ease.

Dymo LetraTag LT-100H

The LetraTag LT-100H features a comfortable and easy-to-use keyboard that allows for quick and accurate typing. Its graphical display provides a clear preview of your labels, ensuring that they meet your desired specifications. With a wide variety of font styles, sizes, and special characters to choose from, you can customize your labels to suit your unique needs and preferences. Say goodbye to messy handwriting and hello to neat, legible labels that enhance organization and clarity.

Epson LabelWorks LW-300

Create professional-looking labels effortlessly with the Epson LabelWorks LW-300 label printer. Customize and organize with ease, thanks to its versatile features and durable labels.

Epson LabelWorks LW-300

Unleash your creativity with the Epson LabelWorks LW-300. This label printer provides you with endless possibilities for label customization, enabling you to add a personal touch to your organization. Choose from a variety of tape widths, colors, and styles to create labels that reflect your individual style and enhance the visual appeal of your items.

The LW-300 features a backlit display, ensuring optimal visibility and ease of use even in low-light environments. Its easy-access buttons and navigation make label creation a breeze, while the built-in memory allows you to store and recall frequently used label designs. From vibrant labels that catch attention to sleek and professional labels, the LW-300 helps you create the perfect labels for every occasion.

Brother P-Touch PT-M95

Simplify your labeling tasks with the Brother P-Touch PT-M95 label maker. Customize and personalize your labels with ease using its user-friendly features. Experience convenience and efficiency in a compact design.

Brother P-Touch PT-M95

Experience the convenience of the Brother P-Touch PT-M95. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use wherever you go. Whether you’re labeling items at home, in the office, or on the go, the PT-M95 is your reliable companion for efficient labeling.

The label maker operates on batteries, providing the flexibility to label without being restricted by a power source. Its easy-to-use interface and navigation buttons ensure hassle-free label creation. Additionally, the PT-M95 features an auto power-off function that helps conserve battery life, ensuring that it’s ready for your labeling needs whenever you are. Simplify your labeling tasks and stay organized with this compact labeling solution.

Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo

Experience fast and efficient labeling with the Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo. Print professional-quality labels in seconds using its versatile label options and convenient connectivity. Say goodbye to manual cutting and streamline your labeling process.

Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo

Setting up the Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo is a breeze. Simply connect it to your computer via USB and install the included software. The intuitive software allows you to design and customize your labels with ease. Choose from a variety of fonts, sizes, styles, and graphics to create labels that align with your branding or personal preference.

The LabelWriter 450 Turbo is compatible with popular software applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Mac Address Book, making it seamless to print labels directly from your existing files. With its convenient connectivity options, you can integrate the LabelWriter 450 Turbo into your existing workflow effortlessly.

Brady BMP61 Best Label Printer

Create precise and durable labels with the Brady BMP61 label printer. Experience efficient label creation, compliance with industry standards, and user-friendly features for professional labeling in various industries.

Brady BMP61

The Brady BMP61 empowers you to create labels efficiently and effortlessly. With its large, full-color touchscreen display, navigating through the label design process is intuitive and user-friendly. The device offers a variety of pre-loaded templates and symbols, as well as the ability to import custom graphics, enabling you to create labels that are tailored to your specific requirements.

Featuring automatic label formatting and cut-to-length functionality, the BMP61 ensures precise label sizing and eliminates the need for manual cutting. The device also offers fast print speeds, allowing you to produce labels quickly and meet tight project deadlines. Enhance your productivity and streamline your labeling tasks with the efficient label creation capabilities of the Brady BMP61.

Benefits of Using Label Makers in Electrical Work

Label makers are essential tools in the field of electrical work, providing numerous benefits that improve organization, efficiency, and safety. These devices allow electricians and technicians to create clear and professional labels for wires, cables, switches, panels, and various electrical components. In this article, we will explore the advantages of using label makers in electrical work and how they contribute to a more streamlined and effective workflow.

Enhanced Organization and Identification

One of the primary advantages of label makers is the enhanced organization they provide. By labeling wires, cables, and other components, electricians can easily identify and trace them during installation, maintenance, or repair work. Labels also help prevent confusion and reduce the risk of errors, especially in complex electrical systems.

Time-Saving Efficiency

Label makers significantly improve efficiency in electrical work. Instead of manually writing labels, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors, electricians can create professional-looking labels in seconds with a label maker. This time-saving aspect allows them to focus more on the actual tasks at hand, ultimately increasing productivity and project completion speed.


Choosing the best label maker for electricians can be a daunting task, given the variety of options available on the market. Each label maker has its unique features and functions, making it suitable for different tasks and work environments.

If you’re an electrician looking for a label maker that can withstand the rigors of industrial settings, the Brady BMP71 and BMP61 are great options. These label makers can print on a variety of tape types, including self-laminating wire markers and heat-shrink tubing, making them ideal for labeling wires and cables.

you’re looking for a label maker that is affordable and easy to use, the Brother P-Touch PT-H110 and Dymo LabelManager 280 are great options. Both label makers can print labels up to 12mm wide, and the Dymo LabelManager 280 can even connect to your computer or smartphone via Bluetooth.

Whatever your needs may be, one of the label makers on this list is sure to meet them. With their various features and functions, you can easily label all of your electrical equipment and components for easy identification and organization.


What tape types can these label makers print on?

The label makers on this list can print on various tape types, including self-laminating wire markers, heat-shrink tubing, decorative tape, and iron-on fabric tape.

Are these label makers easy to use?

Yes, these label makers are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, even for those who have never used a label maker before.

Can these label makers print barcodes?

Yes, some of the label makers on this list, such as the Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo and Brady BMP71, can print barcodes.

Can these label makers connect to a computer or smartphone?

Yes, some of the label makers on this list, such as the Dymo LabelManager 280, can connect to a computer or smartphone via Bluetooth.

What is the price range for these label makers?

The price range for the label makers on this list varies, with some costing as low as $24.99 and others costing as much as $775.00.

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